About Me

Not Your Average Webdesigner

Hi, I’m Tamara

I offer beautiful, simple, clean websites at an affordable price AND with a quick turnaround. But probably so do plenty of designers right? So why me?


If you are working in any creative or therapy field, it’s pretty likely that I have a good grasp of what you do, and this will really help me make a great website for you with minimum effort on your end. For individuals who would rather stay focused on their talents and skills rather than be diverted into the decision making world of Web Design, I’m the person for you. Equally if you aren’t web savvy but know it’s time to create a presence, I can take all the stress out of that.

I built this business because I have a passion for helping people get on their path, achieve their life goals and most importantly reach more people with their talent.

But no. I’m not a life coach, I’m a WEB DESIGNER.

Well actually, I’m many things, and that’s why I’m not your average web designer.

I have 20 year’s experience as a carnival artist and music teacher and I have also had an interest in Alternative therapies for as long as I can remember. I am trained in Holistic Massage, Reconnective Healing and Pure Bioenergy Healing, to name a few. During those years, I have built a selection of websites and managed my own Youth Arts organisation (still do in fact).

The daughter of an artist and an engineer, I have always been exposed to, and interested in, exceptional art and creativity as well as the nitty gritty of how things work. Finally I have found the thing that draws all my life experiences together and I LOVE IT!


Why choose me?

 I provide a simple questionnaire to start things off – you can answer as much or little as you like as long as you’re happy for me to fill in the gaps. Obviously this takes a bit of trust so take a look at some of my past work to see if you’d be happy to leave it to me. I also offer 2 revisions to help make sure you’re happy with the results.

I’ve tried to make my fees as affordable as possible, but if you have concerns about the price, think about this:

How much did you spend training? What was the point if you’re going to keep your skills quiet when you could be sharing them with the world

  • How much extra business might you attract by opening yourself up to the worldwide market?
  • How much more seriously might you be taken if you have your own website?
  • How many more people can you help or bring happiness to through your online presence?
Lightpresence web design - Tamara Arom-Hobbs Web Designer
Tamara Arom-Hobbs, Web Designer. Helping creatives and therapists with their web presence