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Any website has things running in what we call the ‘backend’(the part of the site the public can’t see), which need regular updates and maintenance. They also require regular backup in case a fault develops, or the site is hacked or damaged. Much of the time, this is straightforward and can be done by anyone at the touch of a button, BUT sometimes it can make your site go haywire. Equally, sometimes updates aren’t provided for something you are using to make your site work and look great and it can become obsolete.

So, for the purposes of saving money, you may wish to update the website yourself. I can direct you to tutorials on how to do this, but there may be a time when something goes wrong and you need help. This is when you risk taking valuable time away from your real work to figure out how to fix it yourself, or you need to pay me or another web-designer an hourly rate to fix the site. You may also have to wait for us to fit you in around other work so this could mean having your site ‘down’ for days or even weeks.

Alternatively, you could choose my maintenance plan which will mean I will visit your site on a monthly basis (minimum – or whenever new updates are released), check all the functionality, update everything and make sure everything is working smoothly. There are times where there updates will create a problem and I will devote myself to fixing this and getting everything up and running as fast as possible at no extra cost. Also, if any problems crop up during the month you can get in touch and I will step in right away.

In addition you may feel your site needs a spruce up every couple of years to keep it looking fresh, so look out for offers regarding this as this will not constitute part of the maintenance package.

Prices for this service start at £130 per annum*


*this service is only available for existing clients. If your site was built by someone else, please contact me to discuss.

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