Web Design for Creatives and Therapists​

Do you want to stay focused on your talent while some one else
takes care of your web-presence at an affordable price?

As a healer and a creative person with a techy, geeky side, it’s been bothering me for a while, that many talented healers, therapists and artisans train, follow a passion, develop a skill and yet never take the final step into actually DOING and really putting themselves out there.

There are many barriers to this I know, and  a big one is having an online presence – especially for people who find technology a bit out of their comfort zone or aren’t that ‘out’ amongst their friends, and might not be ready to splash themselves all over social media when they don’t have a way to show they are serious.

So here’s the thing. I AM serious. I am seriously concerned that a stupid bit of tech fear might stop you following your path. I want you to get your talent out into the world with NO excuses.

For this reason I have designed some simple packages to help you go public in no time. Like I said, I am a creative and tech geek, and have plenty of experience of designing websites.

What I can provide is a simple, beautiful, modern, affordable and easy to use website made by someone who has a love for and understanding of what you do, so that you can focus on giving treatments, helping people, practising, making things or whatever it is you do.

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Great for Everyone

Up to 6 page website including:

Great for Therapists

Everything in the Essential
Plan, plus:

Great for Artisans and Creatives

Anything in the Essential and Client Plan, plus:

*this requires extra security not included in the plan price